Saturday, September 14, 2013

Perpetual adoration

In our parish, Blessed Sacrament in Wichita, we have had perpetual adoration for over thirty years.  It has spread to most of the parishes in Wichita. My hypothesis is that perpetual adoration is a significant reason why we have so many vocations.  In a diocese with just 200,000 Catholics we have 59 seminarians.  We have a goodly number of religious vocations as well.

 I am polling to ask whether parishes have perpetual adoration.  Feel free to use the comments to tell about your parish or what you think about the hypothesis.


Anonymous said...

No, my parish does not have perpetual adoration. I cannot think of another parish around here that does either. I live in the archdiocese of Seattle, and while I do not know exactly the situation, I know that our number of seminarians is pretty bad right now

Dr. Malcolm C. Harris, Sr. said...


Charlie said...

Hi. Here in Southwark, UK, we do not have a vocations crisis as seen in other diocese. This is due primarily to the fact that two of our churches, St Bedes, Clapham Park and Our Lady of the Rosary, Black Fen have the Traditional Mass every day. Can you guess which two churches provide 80-90% of all the seminarians, by any chance?

For my parish, St Bedes, we don't have perpetual adoration, but we do have adoration and Benediction, followed by a low mass every Thursday. We also have a first Friday devotion, and the Rosary during October and Vespers during Advent, Lent and Eastertide.