Monday, June 04, 2012

Fr. Barron and Dr. Scott Hahn discuss the New Atheism

Father Barron in some ways is the face of the New Evangelization in America. Scott Hahn, that turncoat Presbyterian, has so reinvigorated Catholic apologetic theology, he has filled the void left by Frank Sheed. Enjoy their discussion of the New Atheism:

Friday, June 01, 2012

"For the Greater Glory" Opens in Wichita

The movie, "For the Greater Glory," ("Christiada" in Mexico) has been a big hit in Mexico. 

It opened here in Wichita today at Northrock (3151 Penstemon, Wichita, KS: near 29th and Rock Rd.), Warren 13th (11611 E 13th St - Wichita, KS), and 21st Street Warren (9150 W 21st St - Wichita, KS.)  Steven D. Greydanus calls the movie "[o]ne of the most lavish and ambitious films ever produced in Mexico...: a sweeping, handsome epic with strong performances, solid production values and magnificent locations across Mexico."

According to many who say it beforehand, the film benefits from repeat viewings.

Watch it early and often!

Justin & the Church after Vatican II

June 1st: The Feast of Saint Justin. 

One of the apostolic fathers, Justin was a philosopher trained in rhetoric and the first great Christian apologist. We have important writings from his hand and a detailed account of his trial and martyrdom. The Romans were fastidious in their legal proceedings and, by one estimate, employed 100,000 stenographers in the empire.  Thus we know of his responses at his trial and those of his young followers.  His students followed him to the arena: humbling for those of us who teach.

Justin Martyr pray for us!

Vatican II Fifty Years After

Given the initial whirlwind we reaped after the Council, it is easy to forget why it was called.  Apologetics!  John XXIII wanted to find a new way to explain the eternal truths to a world which had lost its way and had a tin ear to the traditional language of Christianity.  In Europe the cultural disease was far more advanced than in America, but even in this New World the health of mother church was much more superficial than we realized.  

The hour is late, but the Council is now finally bearing fruit with John Paul the Great's  New Evangelism and a thousand flowers that are blooming.  Benedict chose the name of the patron of Europe knowing the task facing us is much like that of Benedict of Nursia whose monasteries century by century turned the dark ages into the High Mediaeval splendor exemplified by Thomas Aquinas' Proper and Office for Corpus Christi.  That great feast is celebrated June 13th or the Sunday before as in our diocese.

The Priestly Order of St. Peter is a fairly new order of priests trained to celebrate the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (the traditional Latin mass.) In this interview with Catholic News Service, Father Joseph Kramer of the Order puts Vatican II into perspective and explains why young Catholics are turning to a more traditional Catholicism: 

Thanks to Father Z for this!