Sunday, September 11, 2016

West Texas Comes to the Big Screen: Yes Heroes and Anti-Heroes Still Live in America

Ross Douthat wrote that "Hell or High Water" was one of the few movies Hollywood makes in a year that you should see. Good plot, believable characters, dramatic tension what's not to like? Here is the trailer. although I suspect the triler over sells the action:
Meanwhile Armond White give "Sully" a thoughtful and very positive review. Those of us who remember United Flight 1549's dramatic landing in New York Harbor, will appreciate the tale. Clint Eastwood directs this drama to show America's elites want to eat its heroes not honor them.Another movie critic in San Antonio, Patrick Harris, gives it a rave review.

Watch the trailer:

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trump: $20 Billion for School Choice

Opinion Journal: Trump’s ‘New Civil Rights Agenda’ 9/9/2016 1:05PM Center for Education Reform Founder and CEO Jeanne Allen on the candidate’s clarion call for school choice. Photo credit: Zuma Press.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sarah Connor: Muttersprache - TV total

Sarah Connor: Muttersprache - TV total Sarah Connor will international durchstarten - TV total

Sunday, March 27, 2016

What Did John See?

In the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, the Gospel for the Mass of Easter day is John 20:1-9.  In the Extraordinary Form, this is the Gospel for Easter Saturday. 

John and Peter run to the tomb. John, the younger of the two, gets there first, but stops and peers in.  True to character, Peter, rushes headlong in.  John sees and believes.  

What did he see?

Was it the image on the shroud?  Was it the way the jaw cloth was tossed aside?

The Shroud of Turin will be exhibited this spring from April 19th through June 24th. At National Review, Myra Adams asks, "What Does the Shroud of Turin Prove about Easter?"  It also reproduces Babara M. Sullivan's 1973 article, "Reading The Shroud of Turin."

While a famous (infamous?) carbon dating puts it in the medieval period, there are a great many mysteries that baffle scientific explanation, particularly if it were a medieval forgery:

1) Why is the image a photographic negative?
2) Since the image consists of light scorch marks on the outer fibers of the cloth, what process created it?
3) How did the image come to contain three dimensional information, a technical feat only brought out by the technology used to interpret images sent from probes to outer space in the twentieth century.
4) How did the cloth acquire the micro spores from precisely the right centuries and locations that show its originating in first century Palestine, resided in Syria and Turkey as well as modern Europe?

The list goes on.

No known scientific process could have produced the image.  It is more difficult to explain it as a forgery than as being authentic.

Resurrexit sicut dixit, Alleluia!

What If the Presidential Election in 2016 Ends in an Indecisive Three Way Race

People are already speculating on the possibility of a three way race.  One scenario is Senator cruz or Governor Kaisic is nominated by the Republicans and Trump runs as a third party candidate.  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is nominated by the Democrats and is indicted before the election. (If Clinton were indicted before the convention, the pols would desert her for Vice President Biden.)

Let us further speculate that none gets a majority of electors in the electoral college.  What happens?

The House of Representatives votes and each state gets one vote. (Article II Section 1.) There is a possibility of deadlock, but presumably multiple ballots are possible. The Senate only gets involved in the case of a tie for Vice President, the president of that chamber.

If I remember right, Jo
hn Quincy Adams was the last president so elected, although Andrew Jackson, the Trump of his day, had more popular and electoral votes (neither anywhere near a majority.)

Adams was certainly worthy of the office. I can not make the same judgement about his successor. Unfortunately, in the next election the populist, rabble-rouser Jackson won, financed by the crony capitalists of the day (mostly country bankers.) The "man of the people" had as his running mate, the well heeled New Yorker Martin Van Buren. The demon of the Trail of Tears promptly drove the economy into America's first recession and the the first of the banking crises we have suffered from every ten years since (in my professional judgement, no coincidence.)

Jackson was the godfather of the expansionist policies that hoped to extend slavery to ever newer lands. Professional historians frequently rate him among our five greatest presidents. Greatest is not best and he hardly exemplifies the virtue that the Founders believed essential to the Republic's success. The German word for "great" is "gross."

The moral: do not believe every judgment you read in the history books.