Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Really Happened When They Reformed the Liturgy?

Nicola Giampietro: "They have all the best intentions, but with this mentality they have only been able to demolish and not to restore." (192)

The Rev. Dr Alcuin Reid, one of the most sensible liturgists in the Catholic world, reviews  Nicola Giampietro, The Development of the Liturgical Reform: As Seen by Cardinal Ferdinando Antonelli from 1948-197 (Fort Collins CO: Roman Catholic Books, 2009 xx + 347 pages. Paperback. $33.75 in Antiphon, the journal of liturgical renewal.

Giampietro was there when it all happened.  He was heavily involved in the liturgical Movement.  He was the secretary to the second Vatican council's work on Sacrosanctum Consilium, its constitution on the liturgy.  You can read his review on the New Liturgical Movement.