Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Blessed José Please Pray for Media Talking Heads Whose Attacks on Ted Cruz Display Their Ignorance

Blessed José Sánchez del Río is well on his way to being recognized as a saint and martyr by the Catholic Church, maybe as soon as Pope Francis' visit to Mexico next month.  He was the young man depicted in the movie For Greater Glory: The True Story of the Christiada and who, in some ways, stole the show.

Blessed José took his religion seriously. I wonder about the people whom Kathleen Parker says she knows who take their religion seriously.  Were he still alive, would he have been among those whom Kathleen Parker would likely have known?  I don’t know anyone who takes their religion seriously who would think that Jesus should rise from the grave and resurrect himself to serve Ted Cruz,  I know so many people who are offended by that comment.” This bit of sociology of religion came in response to Senator Ted Cruz who said "If we waken and energize the body of Christ, we will win and turn the country around."

If we awaken and energize the body of Christ,”
If we awaken and energize the body of Christ,”
If we awaken and energize the body of Christ,”
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz continues his appeal to religious conservatives. “If we awaken and energize the body of Christ,” he recently said, “we will win and we will turn the country around.” - See more at:

Quick review of Christianity 101: 

1) Do Christians believe Christ is still in a gave in Palestine awaiting His resurrection?

2) Do Christians refer to His church as the body of Christ?

If you answer "no" to 1) and "yes" to 2), you are not Pulitzer Prize material and probably not a member of the new post Protestant WASP elite who seem to run the country.  R.R. Reno analyzes them with great insight in the February First Things.  The sociologists do not study them explicitly.  Reno figures those who self identify in public opinion polls as 'none' for religious affiliation are a good approximation. He concludes, "Under the leadership of the post-Protestant WASPs who run almost all our establishment institutions, the Nones are the most dynamic force in our cultural and electoral politics. They now drive the culture wars. They’re the twenty-first-century values voters who are altering the political landscape."

Maybe we are seeing the revolt of the lowly of the world against those dressed in virtual purple.