Friday, June 01, 2012

"For the Greater Glory" Opens in Wichita

The movie, "For the Greater Glory," ("Christiada" in Mexico) has been a big hit in Mexico. 

It opened here in Wichita today at Northrock (3151 Penstemon, Wichita, KS: near 29th and Rock Rd.), Warren 13th (11611 E 13th St - Wichita, KS), and 21st Street Warren (9150 W 21st St - Wichita, KS.)  Steven D. Greydanus calls the movie "[o]ne of the most lavish and ambitious films ever produced in Mexico...: a sweeping, handsome epic with strong performances, solid production values and magnificent locations across Mexico."

According to many who say it beforehand, the film benefits from repeat viewings.

Watch it early and often!

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