Sunday, July 22, 2012

Inflaming your Chances of Heart Disease, Diabetes, Alzheimer', Stroke & cancer

Beyer rightly touts aspirin as "the miracle drug:" aspirin reduces inflammation. The reason why is becoming clearer as we learn how much damage inflammation does.

Kaua Landro asks in the Wall Street Journal, "What do heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke and cancer have in common?" It turns out that each is linked to chronic inflammation, and she tells us scientists "are studying how high-fat foods and excess body weight may increase the risk for fatal disorders."

Thus that beer belly is a worry. Arthur Agatston, the famed heart specialist tells us in the South Beach Heart Program that an extra pound of fat requires the heart to pump blood through an extra mile of arteries and veins.  Now Laura Londo tells us those pounds around the waist also causes inflammation.

You can read her article, "The New Science Behind America's Deadliest Diseases." or watch her video interview: "How Inflammation Can Ravage the Body:"

Some good news: she tells us a new test helps detect that inflammation within us better:

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