Sunday, September 26, 2010


Dancing has been frowned upon by some denominations at various times. Generally speaking, the Catholic church has consider dancing a good thing until proven otherwise. Certainly David danced into Jerusalem before the Ark of the Covenant. Nevertheless, liturgical dance is not something I am convinced has a place in the mass.

Dancing is an activity that allows the more "mature" in age (if not necessarily in wisdom) to get physical exercise and help the romance in our marriages.

YouTube has a wealth of instruction:

You will find following some examples:

Beginners Waltz - Left Foot Closed Change

Now Andy and Wendy do the Beginner's Waltz - Reverse Turn

And Andy and Wendy do the Beginner's Waltz - The Hesitation

And Andy and Wendy do the Bronze 1 Waltz - Whisk and Chasse:

And Andy and Wendy do the Bronze 1 Standard Routines - Waltz

And Andy and Wendy do the Bronze 2 Waltz - Basic Weave

I suspect the Hiltons are British and they are doing International style:

Beautiful Basics - Marcus and Karen Hilton

Visit VNDANCE.INFO - Marcus and Karen Hilton - Beautiful Basics

Slow Waltz Part 2 - Group 2 - Running Chasse & Oversway

Marcus &  Karen Hilton - Simply The Best


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Agnete Kara said...

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crawlcraft said...

why did the church change its mind and considered the dance...unappropriate?

Dr. Malcolm C. Harris, Sr. said...

Dear crawlcraft,

I am not sure what you mean.

If by the church," you mean the universal church of Christ in its fullness in communion with Rome, I know of no evidence that it ever "change[d] its mind and considered the dance...unappropriate."

Some Christian denominations have looked askance at dancing. In America, some Baptists and Pentecostals have condemned dancing, but I think that was a reaction to specific social developments and not deep theological development of doctrine.

As to "liturgical dance," this is both an issue of aesthetics and theology. I appreciate the sincerity of Our Lady's juggler. Still he did not make his offering in the mass. The focus in the mass should be God centered. We, as humble supplicants, ask Christ, the King of Kings, to offer the sacrifice to God the Father, the Ineffable One. Liturgical dance does not fit in my judgement.

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Anonymous said...

in some countries dancing is (or was) associated very much to the use of too much alcohol and that's why it is considered to be bad item.

but dancing with own spouse should be always OK.

and dancing in a group is also nice, feeling "to be together".

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