Monday, January 19, 2009

Father Newhaus: "The God Solution:" His Columbia Homilies

Andrew Flynn reports in the Columbia Blue and White, "When it comes to religion in the public sphere, Columbia's Father knows best."

He writes, "Richard John Neuhaus is Columbia's intellectual superstar you've never heard of. You've never written a paper for him, you've never checked his CULPA reviews [student ratings?], and you've certainly never shown up late to one of his classes. This is because Neuhaus's lectures are delivered not from a Hamilton Hall lectern, but from the pulpit in St. Paul's Chapel. Every Sunday for the past four spring semesters, Father Neuhaus has made his way uptown from his parish on 14th Street to say the 5 PM Mass at Columbia. "

As a special bonus you can hear Fr. Neuhaus' Spring Semester homilies from the last three springs at Columbia online.

I got the link from Andrew Flynn's article in the Blue and White.

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