Sunday, October 26, 2008

Josef Ratzinger's Complete Writings Starts with the Liturgy

Herder Verlag has begone publishing Josef Ratzinger's Complete Writings. Zenit reports (in German; in English N.B.: the two articles have different information) that the first volume published treats the liturgy. Oddly enough the first volume published is Volume XI . The liturgy is central to our relationship to God so it is fitting that it be revealed first to the public (dignum et justum est.)

The bulk of the first is Ratzinger's book The Spirit of the Liturgy: An Introduction. (Der Geist Der Litugie: ein Einfuehrung.) The title comes from Romano Guardini's little classic, Vom Geist Der Liturgie.

Shawn Tribe has an excellent discusssion of the issue of liturgical orientation (Should the priest face east?) in Benedict's thought and practice. He writes in the New Liturgical Movement.

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