Friday, September 05, 2008

Pelosi's Catholicism

Nancy Pelosi (D,Calif.) is the Speaker of the House. Around the time of the Democrats convention in Denver she was on Meet the Press. She told us she is “ardent practicing Catholic.” She considers it thus proper to discuss her Catholicism in public: this is not a private matter. Apparently the liberals' doctrinaire separation of church and state rules do not forbid her expressing opinions on matters of theology. (See my prior posting: In Case You Are Wondering Why The Archbishop of Denver Was Not Asked to Pray an Invocation at the Democrats' Denver Convention.)

Archbishop Wuerl, the shepherd of Catholics in our nation's capital, also noticed Ms. Pelosi's foray into theology. The Hill's Bob Cusack reported, "Washington archbishop rips Pelosi on abortion." I would have written "Washington archbishop corrects Pelosi on abortion." That is his job after all. Archbishop Wuerl should know what the church has taught on abortion from the time of the apostles until now. He coauthored with Fr. Ronald Lawler the predecessor to The Catechism of the Catholic Church: The Teaching of Christ. He has written at least one book on the early church fathers and knows his stuff.

Kathryn Lopez, editor of NROnline, provides even more insight. She attended mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Denver Sunday night before the Convention. She tells us what she heard: “'If you’re Catholic and you disagree with your Church. What do you do? You change your mind.'

"So said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, archbishop of the Catholic archdiocese of Denver."

Lopez goes on to examine some of Pelosi's public statements about her beliefs. Does Pelosi really believe in the Real Presence? Read Lopez's column and judge for your self.

I have long believed that the decline of Catholic morality, including the evil slime of the priestly abuse of children scandal, has been directly related to the rejection of apostolic teaching and a loss of belief in the Eucharist.

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