Friday, November 23, 2007

You May Love Lewis, But the Golden Compass Is No Narnia.

The first clue was that Nicole Kidman is in the movie version. The second is that Phillip Pullman, the author of the book thinks Tolkien is "infantile." Here is what I learned from ZENIT, "The film 'The Golden Compass' isn't simply about using fairy-tale magic to tell a good story, it corrupts the imagery of Lewis and Tolkien to undermine children's faith in God and the Church, says Catholic author Pete Vere.

"In this interview with ZENIT, Vere and Sandra Miesel discuss the movie adaptation of the fantasy novels written by Philip Pullman. The film, staring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, will be released in the United States in early December."

Please read the whole interview.

A tip of the hat to Paula Wierman a Catholic homeschooler in Wichita.

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