Sunday, July 08, 2007

Listen to the Dies Irae on Saint Rita's Prayer Book

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley is an Englishman exiled in North Carolina, a liturgical wasteland that may be in for a renewal. You can leave prayer requests there. You also hear the Dies Irae. This was the sequence for the mass of the dead for the better part of a millennium and perhaps longer. It survived Pius V's reductionist reform of the medieval mass after the Council of Trent only to fall under Bugnini's ban, the bane of the ancient rite.

He has another blog: Simon-Peter's blog.

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Donna Rocks said...

Saint Rita, please restore my relationships. I am alone and sad. I am sorry for my sins. Cleanse my heart and soul. Please, open the hearts of those I have so offended and shower them with your grace so they can acquire compassion and forgiveness for me. Most Holy St. Rita, please hear my prayers. Please bring back all of those people who have left my life. Please touch Rob, my kids, my Mom, sister, brothers, Paul and his family. Please open their hearts and let your love flow through them. Allow your grace to settle into their hearts and give them compassion to forgive me. I am so alone and sad. I ask this from my broken heart, I ask for your intercession through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.