Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One Small Step... II

It has been a long time since the since the forces for life have read of a victory at the Supreme Legislature, er... I mean Court. After such a parched journey even a water drop is an estatic experience. Yet National Review cautions that it is only a partial victory.

The editors quote Justice John Paul Stevens who concurred as the court struck down Nebraska's partial birth abortion ban writing: “Although much ink is spilled today describing the gruesome nature of late-term abortion procedures, that rhetoric does not provide me a reason to believe that the procedure Nebraska here claims it seeks to ban is more brutal, more gruesome, or less respectful of ‘potential life’ than the equally gruesome procedure Nebraska claims it still allows. . . . [T]he notion that either of these two equally gruesome procedures performed at this late stage of gestation is more akin to infanticide than the other, or that the State furthers any legitimate interest by banning one but not the other, is simply irrational.

He was right then. He is right now.

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