Thursday, March 15, 2007

Motu proprio watch & Sacramentum Charitatis

Rumors have been rife since last summer that this pope will issue a document that frees priests to offer the holy sacrament of the mass according to the mass of John XXXII, variously known as the Tridentine mass, the mass according to the missal of 1962, or the Latin mass. This last name is unfortunate (see my previous clarification) since the current mass may be offered in Latin and the documents of the Council and from Rome indicate that Latin should be the normal language of the mass.

This rumored document is typically characterized as a motu proprio (Latin for "on my initiative.")

Benedict issued his Apostolic Exhortion, Sacramentum Charitatis on Tuesday. The Latin tittle translates as "Sacrament of Love." Scott Hahn's students might make a case for "Covenant of Love."

Some were disappointed the motu proprio was not issued. None of us should be disappointed in the new Exhortation.

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