Thursday, January 25, 2007

The March For Life: The Crowd

Picture courtesy of Brigid Harris.

The press seems to ave settled on the phrase "tens of thousands" to describe the size of the crowd at the March for Life. That was what both the Post and the Washtimes used. Even Voice of America had an article and used the same formula. This is the second year in a row (no pun intended) that I have missed the March. Typically there were at least 150,000 when I marched. That is based on rough counting when you can get a view ahead and behind. This occurs when the March turns off Constitution Avenue and you start heading up Capitol Hill. This picture is taken just past the turn.

It seems that this year the crowd was even bigger. You would not know it from the media coverage. Life News legitimately
complains about the Post's coverage. According to the Indianapolis Star, the March did not even exist: see Ken Waldron's email.

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